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Being a normal trainee, not the best thing to be. Though you guess it's better than being that Eren kid, screaming about titans all the time. Man you wish the mess hall could be quiet for more than 30 seconds! Oh look, there goes a hottie after Eren. What? Jean starts attacking Eren, part physically, part verbally. And there's Mikasa and Marco, to hold the two idiots at ease.

You watched them carefully, more specifically Jean and Marco. They were cool guys, but you doubt either of them are homos. Sasha, bringing you back from your thoughts, points to your unfinished plate and asks, "Hey, (Name)~? You gonna finish that~??" Geez, she was creepy when it came to food! But she was cool too.

You smirk to her. "Yeah, sure just, uh-" you grab a small bite before finishing, "there you go. All yours." Her face lit up as she dug into the food. You laugh, believing that girl's part bottomless pit. You stand to leave, deciding the barracks would be a calmer place. You notice everything stopped (except for Sasha's munching) and everyone has looks of terror. "I'm not that intimidating, am I?" You ask, confused.

All soldiers stand and salute. 'That isn't for me' you think turning around to see Shadis himself. You immediately salute, screaming "Sir!" loudly.

He looks over the mess hall and screams your name, along with Marco and Jean. The other trainees look amongst themselves as Shadis continues to yell. "WHICH OF YOU THREE DID IT?!"

Your face shows confusion, and you glance to the other two. They both look to you as if to say 'you answer him'. You put on a stern face and respond in an equally loud volume. "SIR, PLEASE EXPLAIN, SIR." He glares and gestures for the three of you to follow him.

He takes you to the women's barracks where literally every drawer was dumped onto the ground. Panties and bras, along with other articles of clothing, flutter in the wind. Marco and Jean both blush and avert their eyes. 'That could be a sign of weakness, morons,' you think.

"SO WHO DID IT?" Shadis asks. You look over to Marco, then to Jean, and cough 'heteros' silently.

Jean breathes in strongly and answers, "It was Connie, sir!" You can almost hear Connie running and whining. You almost smirk at this as Shadis dismisses the three of you. You return to the barracks, surprisingly with Jean and Marco following you.

Inside the barracks, you hop onto the top of yours and your friend's bunk. Jean and Marco go to their respective beds as well. You glance to the door before reaching under your pillow and grabbing a book. You want to read the book but with Horse-Face and Freckles blabbering, it's a little hard to concentrate. You stare directly at Marco, him being the one facing you, and whisper, "Marco," creepily.

He sees your stare and looks fearful. "P-polo?" He stutters out in fear. Jean looks to you and nearly screams. You can't take it. You begin to laugh cheerfully.

"Oh, geez! You should see your faces!" You say between laughs. The two calm down and smile at you. As you stop your laughter, you ask them, "Why'd you guys come back to the barracks anyways?"

They look to each other, neither willing to admit, especially in front of the other, that they wanted to be around you. Jean answers with the bull of, "We were just too lazy to go back to the mess hall. Why're you here?"

"I wanted to read, but you two came in here blabbering your heads off," you told them. It was a partially correct reason, but the real cause of you running off was you needing to get your eyes off their asses.

"Sorry," Marco says. You just wave your hand dismissively and put your book back under your pillow. "Wanna chat with us?"

You smile and hop down from your bunk to get a bit closer. "Sure, I wouldn't mind! What were you guys talking about?"

"We were thinking about who has the biggest boobs of all the trainees." Jean smirks.

"We were not talking about that!" Marco huffs and cutely blushes as Jean sits on the bed laughing his hot ass off.

"Ymir or Annie, I believe." They both look to you in confusion. "Just cuz I'm not into 'em doesn't mean I can't observe their bodies as I do everyone else." You hold a poker face, shock waving through your mind. 'Did I just say that?? Did I really??!!'

'He's into guys!' The both of them think. Just then, the rest of the guys started to enter the barracks, signaling lights out.

~Time skip brought to you by 3D maneuver mail~

Smack. "I WILL GET IT!" Smack. God damn it Eren get it together. You stood with Jean, Marco, and the rest of the cadets watching Eren having sloppy make outs with the dirt. You sigh, having already having completed this exercise with flying rainbow colors. Shadis dismisses you, especially Eren, from the maneuver device balance exercise. The cadets follow Shadis to what looks like a loading gate. He has all of you grab cloaks and back-packs as he hops on a horse. He screams as it starts to rain, signaling you to run. You're faster than most, so even conserving your energy, you're up in front.

From behind you, you hear Shadis screaming at Armin for being so slow. You glance back to see Jean take Armin's pack just for him to take it right back. 'Impressive' you think as Shadis rides next to you. "YOU'RE SLOWING DOWN CADET (L/NAME), NO DISTRACTIONS OR YOU'LL BE KILLED!!" You look forward to realize most of the girls are ahead of you. 'Shit!' You think as you pick up speed. Marco matches your speed for a bit to give you a pat on the back and a thumbs-up before letting you pass. You smile at him quickly and continue running.

~Timey-whimey-wibbly-wobbly-shenanigan skip~

*your POV*

Back in the barracks, I rest my legs. Keeping up with a horse with Shadis riding it isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world. Everyone is in bed moaning. 'Sounds like a brothel in here' I think giggling to myself. I look over to Jean and Marco. I can't tell what was going on but Jean looked pissed and Marco looked embarrassed.

*Marco's POV at the same time*

I need to tell him. Maybe I should ask Jean about it. He always seems to know how to pick up chicks; maybe he knows how to get dudes too. "Hey Jean, could you help me with something?" I ask, sitting on his bed beside him.

"Y-Yeah, sure. What's u-up?" He responds, stretching out his legs.

I'm blushing furiously about it. "I want to ask (Name) out but I don't know how," I say quickly but quietly, so (Name) won't hear us.

Jean glances to him and back to me angrily. "Don't." I give him a look of confusion until he finishes, "If anyone's going to ask him out, it'll be me."

I feel crushed, but I won't give up. I look up to him to see he's been watching. He stuffs his face in his book, while blushing, once our eyes make contact. I smile at him then look to Jean with a smirk. "Why don't we let him decide?" I suggest. Jean nods and smirks.

He hops off his bed and climbs onto (Name)’s. “Oi, (Name).” (Name) looks up from his book, signaling for him to continue. “Marco and I have a little bit of a competition going on, and we want you to judge.”

“What is it?” (Name) asks, glancing curiously between the two of us.
Jean places a finger to his lips with a wink. “It’s a secret, you’ll know tomorrow at lunch. Sit with us, if you please.” (Name) rolls his eyes and nods before returning to his book. Jean grins widely and returns to his place on his bed next to me. “Hah, it looks like I’ll be winning (Name)’s heart.”

“Whatever, what is this contest anyways?” I ask, glaring at him. He leans over and whispers “kissing” in my ear. I look to him with fear evident on my face. I’ve never kissed anyone before.

Suddenly an idea pops into my mind. I jump up onto (Name)’s bed and stuff my face into his shoulder. He yelps cutely before closing his book and putting a hand on my back. “Hey, bro, what’s wrong?” he asks me rubbing comforting circles on my back.

“J-Jean,” I whimper out. “He’s being so man to me and I don’t know why. It might be this stupid contest he cooked up, but I’m not sure.”

“How ‘bout we switch beds then, so you can have some distance from him?” (Name) suggests, pulling away to see my face beet red.

I smile brightly. “You’d do that for me?”

“Of course!” He responds, grabbing his book and hopping down, lying down in my bed. I recline back in his bed, enjoying his smell. I glance over to see Jean glaring at me. I stick my tongue out at him and close my eyes to fall asleep.

*Back to thirdP POV*

‘Marco smells so nice!’ you think, snuggling into the covers. You open one eye to look at Jean. “Perfect ass view too,” you whisper, staring at his rear before falling asleep.

~Time skip to lunch the next day~

Sitting down at the table you’re so used to staring at, you look to the two males sitting on either side of you. “So, what’s this contest about?” you ask them, wanting to get this over with before you become a blushing mess.

“Which of us kiss better; that’s the reason you’re here,” Jean informs you. You stare at him wide-eyed and shake your head vigorously.

“Come on, (Name), our man-hoods are at stake here!” Marco whines.

You look to him, then back to Jean before looking down at the table, crossing your arms. “F-fine! But this will not be leisurely judged. I will critic you on technique, skill expressed, and over-all how pleasurable it was,” you explain.

Jean laughs, “What, you expecting a kiss to the ‘head’?” You blush furiously and backhand his crotch. He leans over in pain, “Ow, what was that for?” To be honest, his pain is the only reason you don’t have a boner right now.

“Well you kinda just offered a guy a blowjob in front of the whole mess hall,” Marco explained. “Well, that’d be true if anyone was actually paying any mind to us.”

You look around to notice no one else was sitting at the table and everyone was minding their own business. You sigh in relief. “Let’s just get this over with,” You say turning
to face Marco. You close your eyes and wait.

Marco leans close to your face; you could feel his hand under your chin and his breath against your lips before they connected with his. He is so kind and gentle with his kiss. He licks your bottom lip, asking for entrance. You gladly oblige, opening your mouth for his tongue to enter. He explores every inch of your mouth before Jean pulls him away from you and replaces him in front of you.

At this point you’re already blushing brightly. Jean wraps one arm around your waist and pulls you up into his lap. He smashes his lips into yours, passion evident within the kiss. Using his free hand, he grabs your ass, causing you to gasp. Taking advantage of this, Jean forces his tongue into your mouth, exploring as much as he could over and over again. He breaks the kiss and attempts to kiss your neck. Instead, Marco pulls him off and allows you to dismount the horse’s lap. “Well, (Name), who’s better?” Marco asks eagerly. You’re blushing madly and decide to wait a moment before answering.

While calming down, you look around and see your (f/c) book, sticking out of Marco’s back pocket. You reach around him, grab it from his pants, and smack him with it. “Please tell me you didn’t read it!” He remains quiet. “Great, there goes that.” You sit back down in defeat. Seeing Jean look utterly confused, you decide to explain. “See, before joining the army, I kinda really admired you two and wrote stories of the three of us. Progress slowed down since coming here but it’s really interesting to read what my mind could think up.”

Jean smirks. “What kinds of stories are in there?” he asks leaning closer to you.

“My book is none of your business!” you exclaim, running a hand through your (h/c) locks. “But you guys don’t have to fight over me, because never could I ever pick between you two.”

Jean pulls you into him, your back against his chest. Marco leans over you, (between your legs, might I add), and snuggles into your chest. “AWWWW YOU THREE LOOK SOO CUUUUUUUUTE!!!!” Sasha yells across the mess hall, causing all eyes to fall on you. You close your eyes and ignore them, enjoying the smell and comfort of the two men you love.

Now, to figure out which one keeps grabbing your dick…
This was a commission/request/website wide beg from :iconrecklessalbinochibi: for <nobr>fighting</nobr> then sharing with fluff and a dash of smut. it's a tiny hint so I don't think it's enough to consider too mature. this is boy x boy (x boy) so if you don't like, don't blame me!
bluh I made Reader-kun too cute!
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Zombiemangamaker Featured By Owner Edited Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist
I love it!

It will be sad when Marco dies...
*cries silently*
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sorry for be a kill joy but:
He’s being so "man" to me and-
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sorry I cant help it

and I love this story so much XD
whocouldknow-me Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015
Glad you enjoyed it. Though, i haven't touched this story since I first wrote it, almost a year and a half ago. Thanks for the critique, it would've been appreciated.
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Jean plz WTF?! 
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The last sentence might be the best part! I bet Marco was reading the book for fantasies for his "spank bank" lmao
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I know it's glorious but control yourself.
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DAT LAST LINE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Lol, this was very cute and made me laugh! XD
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I am reading this at 1:00 am and when I got to the p-polo part when you call out Marco I started crying because I couldn't laugh. I want to laugh so badly right now. But if I do my momma's gonna know I'm awake. Oh so conflicting. Awesome story.
whocouldknow-me Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014
Merci~! I'm sorry, I know the feeling, usually laughing into a pillow is a good muffling technique, though,
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Part 2 as a lemon!!! love the story!!!!!
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hehe it served it's then I'm glad you enjoyed thanks for reading~
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Of course, I'm actually working on a part 2 for it~
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Oh my goodness, that ending was so funny! I can't stop laughing! Amazing by the way. 
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Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
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This story was perfect on a scale of absolute perfection, well done Author-chan.
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Ah~ thank you so much! I personally think I'm horrible with this kinda thing but I'm so glad that others enjoy the story so much ~!
OneTrulyAwesome00 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Student Writer
Pfffsssh it's awesome, bruh. Don't worry. I'm looking forward to a continuation. Please..... continue. O^O
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